Pleased to meet you!

The first time we meet, I’ll work with you to understand your needs: are you looking for a complete wardrobe overhaul or just clothes for certain occasions? What about your lifestyle will dictate your clothing choices? You can at this time if you want, show me looks that you like from magazines or catalogs. I want to know your style inspiration but more importantly about you!

What’s In Your Closet?

This is the next step recommended after the first meeting. I’ll come to your home and take a look at your current wardrobe. We’ll identify what we can work with in your closet, what types of things you have that work for you, or could work complimented with the right pieces and accessories, what could be repaired to work for you, and what can be discarded.

Often clients like to and learn to do shopping themselves based upon just get ideas from me, go out and purchase things on their own. I can be available for in-home visits to review purchases you make – determine how it works with items in your wardrobe and if it works on you and with your style.

Shopping Anyone?

This is not just shopping – it’s a learning experience! The goal of shopping trips are for you to not only filling gaps in your wardrobe, but to also see what works on you and what doesn’t. I’m happy to meet you at stores or guide you through Austin’s shopping destinations or smaller boutiques.

I recommend at least one shopping trip after an in-home visit. Why? By seeing what is in your current wardrobe first, I can help determine where we can fill in the gaps and what you have will work with what we find while shopping. You also will get a different opinion of what I might pick out for you than if you were shopping by yourself.

If you just want shopping advice for a special occasion, great – I do that too! Whether it’s for an important meeting, formal occasion, or a special date, we can find something great together!

Show me where to go

For those clients who may not require my other services, but want to know the ins and outs of Austin shopping destinations and the hidden gems, a boutique tour might be what you are looking for.  I can tailor a tour to meet your needs.  Like vintage shopping?  I know the places with the best finds.  Want to know what boutiques carry certain designers?  Yes, I have a list.

We can go one on one, or invite some friends.

Shop for me, please!

I am available for personal shopping where I purchase items for you, bring to your home for try on and approval. I do not charge for a percentage of final purchase, only for my time shopping, approval, and if needed, returns.

For initial wardrobe evaluation, I ask a flat rate. All other services are by the hour. Contact me. We can work something out.