My Boyfriend’s Back

That’s right, the boyfriend look is back in full force and you can pull off this trend even if you don’t have one. I had to try it out myself before I could muster up a post, and actually enjoyed the look a lot. The trend can be best described as “if a guy would typically wear it, you can too”: distressed & relaxed jeans, blazers with the sleeves rolled up, button down collared shirts. The trick is, however, to mix one masculine item with feminine items for balance and not go too slouchy with the look. I picked my straight leg distressed dark-ish jeans rolled up very slightly at the bottom, a flowy feminine top (similar to this), under-stated thong sandals, and accessorized with a vintage locket. Chances are you already have all of these items in your closet. Mix sandals for flats and try a thrift store if you don’t have distressed jeans. Need some styling inspiration? Try this, this or this.

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