To Online Sample Sale or to Not Online Sample Sale?

Several sites have popped up over the last year are very quickly gaining popularity which feature online sample sales.  They are for members only (but all you have to do is sign-up or get a friend to refer you) and offer sales starting at specific times of the day and usually are only open for 24 hours.  I myself am a member of the big three:  Gilt Groupe, Hautelook, and Rue La La.  And yes, it does require a quick draw of the mouse (and likely a desk job to be around when the sales open) to snatch up what you want before it’s gone.  Each one has its own flavor – my personal favorite being the chic New York City style of  Gilt Groupe.  All of them have similar return policies – store credit only – which has actually discouraged me from larger ticket items.  What’s your experience?  I want to hear it.  Me? I’m more of a browser in this situation and will likely use my credit on a white t from a brand I know and love.

2 Responses to “ To Online Sample Sale or to Not Online Sample Sale? ”

  1. Burfette Says:

    Gilt Group’s constant emails were too distracting.

  2. Kate Says:

    Yes, they do email daily in order to announce the sales opening that day. The sales are only open for 24 hours.