How to Wear It: Bright Color Jeans

So you’ve noticed the bright jeans in stores but don’t know if you can pull it off? It’s actually not that hard to incorporate them into your existing wardrobe.

First examine your clothing to determine what your preferred neutral pallet is. Blacks can work with any of the jewel tones – pinks, purples and blues – and browns can with some pinks. Grays are best with yellows and jewel tones. I always gravitate toward grays, so I added a mustard yellow and a bright pink.

Second, find a brand that fits you well – many jean makers are adding these to their lines, so you can probably find one in a line you know already works for you. Some are also in twill, like J Brand, so they have a little more give.

Last, stick to a straight or skinny leg style for versatility with flats and heels.

Here are some styling ideas that will take these from day to night.

Bright Jeans: Day & Night

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