SXSW Music 2011 – Fashion Trendspotter

I couldn’t let March end without a recap of the top fashion trends I saw while at SXSW Music this year. Endless types of music => endless fashion tastes. Regardless of the show, I was seeing these all over.

Feathers galore – especially in your hair, but also in your lobes!- Feathers are definitely what all the cool girls at school are wearing. The feather hair extensions, or clips for those that want something less permanent. Jessica Lee Mayfield and many of the gals downtown also donned long feather earrings. So, where can you find plumage in Austin?

  • Clips: Wet on South Congress
  • For the more permanent extensions: Splendor on North Loop (bonus – they are a boutique too!) and Feather Luxe on South First
  • Earrings: Adalante on 38th and Feathers (of course!) on South Congress

The lace up oxford and bootie- I found myself saying way too many times – where did she find those!?! Here are some ideas if you haven’t yet made the minor investment in this trend that is having staying power:

Designs in your tights – playing on the lace trend which is still going strong, girls with textured tights, like these from Givenchy, were everywhere! I’ve decided that while we have this on-again, off-again coldish weather in Austin, I’m totally giving this a try. And once it starts hitting 90, will pack it up until next fall.
So, let me know what you saw that didn’t make my list. And if you are a boutique that offers feathers, or has some rad lace-up shoes, let me know!

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