Staying Neutral

neutral_outfit_multiIt’s not often you are inspired to remain neutral – usually it’s easy to pick one direction or the other. But, a recent feature from Anthropologie has me thinking of how I remain neutral without being boring.

  1. Know your neutrals: black, brown, gray, tan /beige, cream, and white or anything in these color families. Navy is also a great neutral, especially for those who don’t like wearing black.
  2. Pick which neutrals work for you.  These should be fairly obvious as to what you gravitate toward or know what looks best on you.  Some of us look better in cream than white, or brown rather than black.
  3. Start your outfit by picking 2 neutral colors as your palette.
  4. Add texture and layers. Try to avoid solids for each piece or one dimensional fabrics. Work in a subtle stripe or print or some texture with a knit, ruffle or other embellishment.
  5. Add accessories – belts, scarves or jewelry. Here you can bring in another neutral or a hint of color.

Get inspired with some of these ideas:

photo courtesy and Alexander Wang

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