Le Garage Sale: August 29th & 30th

It’s that time a year again when all the best local boutiques bring out their merchandise to sell it out before their fall items arrive.  Le Garage Sale is this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, at the Palmer Events Center.  If you haven’t been there before, you might be overwhelmed.  If you have been before, you know what an awesome event this is!

My time-tested tips to live by:

  1. Wear something that you can easily try on things over. There are very rarely places to change.  For me, this usually means a billowy knee length skirt and a tightish fitting tank – good for pulling things over or under.
  2. Get there early.  Grab your checkbook, stop by the ATM (most only take cash), pick up a Chronicle, a  bottle of water to stash in your purse, some coffee and a kolache and get there by 10:30 to wait in line.  Doors are at 11, but you’ll befriend your neighbor to get some tips on what they are heading for first.
  3. Buy the two day pass.  It’s only $5 more.
  4. Go straight to your favorite boutiques.  You know they will have what you like.  After you visit those, check out the ones you don’t know.
  5. Get only what you can’t live without.  It’s easy to get wrapped into good deals.   Remember quality over quantity.  If By George has a timeless Alberta Ferretti skirt marked down more than 70% – get it! (true story!)
  6. Don’t ignore accessories!  There are tons and tons of clothing and shoes so it’s easy to not have belts, bags and jewelry on your mind.
  7. Don’t spend more than 2.5 hours there the first day.  I know that 2.5 hours sounds like alot to most of you, but you’d be amazed how long the lines get to check out and who you’ll run into for a little chat.
  8. Go on Sunday at 3 (two hours before they close).  This is why you bought the two day pass. The merchants mark their wares down again, they might be willing to discuss further cuts – you’ll find great steals.  Check out the furniture and gift stores this time.  If you’re too tired (or too over your budget) to make it back, well, you’re only out $5.

And some general boutique guidelines (gosh, I can’t believe I’m divulging these secrets):

  • Shiki and By George generally have the best quality items on their racks, but that also means more pricey compared to the other retailers.  Don’t get scared off by price – look at the mark down.  It’s worth it.
  • Estilo is always a good bet and usually has items from the past two seasons, so you might even find some fall items you can look forward to wearing.
  • Newer boutiques, like gallery d, are always good to hit because they’ll have less of a crowd.
  • I noticed Feathers, a vintage boutique, is on the list this season – definitely checking out the funky items they’ll have.

Good luck to good finds this weekend!  If I see you there, I want to see what you’ve picked up!

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